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Wednesday, June 18, 2003


I've been thinking about getting a webcam, but have no idea what to choose. I'd prefer to have one that has a filter/mask for when I'm having a bad hair day. Other than that, it should work and not break when (not if) it falls. Durable is good. I don't want to have to fuss with anything, I just want to point it at me or my son and everything should focus and work smoothly. Am I asking too much? :-)

Why am I blogging about this? Now that my blog has comments available, you can tell me what to look for when purchasing a web cam (or share a funny webcam story, or whatever...). I'm in no big hurry to get one, but I'd like to add it to the wishlist at least. Thanks. :-)

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Sushi Overload...

Wednesday night at O Sushi Cafe is "All You Can Eat Sushi Night". I had 4 pieces of tuna, 4 pieces of yellow tail, 2 pieces of seared albacore, an 8 piece spicy tuna roll, an order of fried calamari(but I could only eat 1/2), and mochi balls for dessert. I'm stuffed...

With as much as I talk about sushi, I'm contemplating adding a Sushi category. Hmm...

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