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Monday, June 2, 2003

Mini Cart

Since I teased Kevin earlier about using CFStudio to do his session, he's decided to do this one using Dreamweaver MX. :-) He's doing just fine, but only because he's handcoding everything! ;-) I'm going to have to talk to him a bit and show him the light...

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Arman Danesh is giving us the rundown on relational databases. Consistency, Control, and Manageability are the three reasons he's given for creating relations. We'll be getting the fundamentals, and it looks like we'll begin putting some of that to use.

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File Permissions...

I've been trying to add the captions to the TODCON MX Vegas shots, but I'm getting file permission errors for creation and saving of the XML files that store the data. The error I get is to contact my host. Hopefully my host will be able to help me while he's on vacation... Otherwise we may be captionless! Oh no... Please be patient and if you see anything funky happening, it'll get fixed, don't worry. :-)

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Exploring the Basics

Ed Apostol is speaking about CFML basics with a handout provided and a downloadable PDF. I'm not sharing the link either, so neener neener to you for not being here. ;-)

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ColdFusion Bootcamp

I've decided that whenever I'm not speaking at one of my sessions, I'll most likely be at ColdFusion bootcamp. Kevin Schmidt is doing the first session as I type this message. He's going to start us from the very beginning, installing ColdFusion. He'll show us around CF Administrator too. I'm getting the feeling that we're all being assimilated without our knowledge. ;-)

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Standards Are Cool, But...

Tables are evil :-) Nah, not really... Not when they're used for tabular data at least. However if your clients aren't ready for standards, then there's no point in doing it economically speaking.

I've been to a lot of keynotes, well about 5 or 6 at least... and Eric is impressive. We're all awake, nobody dosing off. He's not preaching table-less design at all like one might expect. Instead, he's talking about standards-oriented design, keeping the code lean and clean. If you use a table for layout, avoid nesting tables excessively, spacer GIFs, and HTML elements for styling.

I'm liking this because though I've been pushing for XHTML and table-less designs whenever I can, I do realize that the audience and other factors must be considered before making that design decision.

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Live Bloggin'

We're here at "Summer Camp For Geeks" and about to have Eric A Meyer present the keynote.

Last night the speakers and Community MX authors joined for a special dinner of Filet Minon and Chicken with creme (not-so) brule (but still yummy) for dessert. Open bar...yummmmm.

Unlike past conferences, I've taken pictures from Day 1. I even have them all uploaded already but I need to do captions so I'm not revealing them to you just yet. All in good time... :-)

Ray says we have to eat the food :-) There's lots of it even...

Eric Meyer's introduction (Ray West): We've tried to get Eric Meyer here for a year and half. I've had his passport revoked and taken two of his children so he can be here.

I've been writing down some great quotes as they happen and will either post them or use them as captions in the photo albums.

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