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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Tight Lipped

Quiet confidence is more powerful than loud boasting. ~Dan Short

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Today in History

On this day in 1969 my mother came from Greece to America. On this day in 1996, John (my brother) married his wife Andrea. On this day in 1997, John (my cousin in Greece) married his wife. On this day in 1997, I married my husband Ambrogio.

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Aquarium of the Pacific

Gaetano went on his first field trip yesterday. It was one of those "mommy" moments for me to sign his permission slip and sign up as a chaperon.

I uploaded the pictures but made no effort to optimize them or add captions yet, sorry. Some are out of focus and I'll probably get rid of some of the images that didn't turn out great later. I'm just too busy this weekend unfortunately. I wanted to get them up at least so family could look. :-)

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Thursday, June 26, 2003

San Francisco Pictures...

Somehow or another when I moved to the new DWmommy design, I left out the pictures from my trip to San Francisco. They're in the Dreamweaver gallery because we visited Macromedia while there. ;-)

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Stupidity and Crime

"If stupidity were a crime, your ass would be serving life." ~The Practice

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From Thursday to Now...

Thursday morning Gaetano woke up with a mild fever (99.2). It didn't take him long to get his first cold from school! So we kept him home, took him to the doctor's and got him on anti-biotics.

Friday he stayed home too, and was clingy since he didn't feel well, but to look at him you wouldn't know he was sick except the occasional sniffle. We were both hungry so we went out for Japanese together. He just loves Miso soup. By late Friday night I could feel a sore throat coming, but it felt more like an alergic reaction to something I ate, or so I hoped.

Saturday I woke with one of the worst sore throats ever. If there is one knd of pain I have a low tolerance for it is sore throat pain. In the video of my labor with Gaetano, I tell the nurse I don't need any meds for the contractions, but ask if it is okay to take my throat medicine! It didn't take long for post nasal drip to start and my head to get all stuffy. Now I know how Gaetano was feeling, poor guy. :-( I've been so miserable, I can't get anything done, not work, not household chores, nothin'.

Today I woke up totally stuffed and am about 1/2 way through a Kleenex box since about 8pm last night. Of course I have several deadlines looming, and this isn't helping me to concentrate on those any either... I want my mommy...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003


I've been thinking about getting a webcam, but have no idea what to choose. I'd prefer to have one that has a filter/mask for when I'm having a bad hair day. Other than that, it should work and not break when (not if) it falls. Durable is good. I don't want to have to fuss with anything, I just want to point it at me or my son and everything should focus and work smoothly. Am I asking too much? :-)

Why am I blogging about this? Now that my blog has comments available, you can tell me what to look for when purchasing a web cam (or share a funny webcam story, or whatever...). I'm in no big hurry to get one, but I'd like to add it to the wishlist at least. Thanks. :-)

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Sushi Overload...

Wednesday night at O Sushi Cafe is "All You Can Eat Sushi Night". I had 4 pieces of tuna, 4 pieces of yellow tail, 2 pieces of seared albacore, an 8 piece spicy tuna roll, an order of fried calamari(but I could only eat 1/2), and mochi balls for dessert. I'm stuffed...

With as much as I talk about sushi, I'm contemplating adding a Sushi category. Hmm...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003


If you haven't noticed yet, I've added a Quotes category to the blog. This is where I'll post things that I've thought that seem quotable, or things friends say to me. (All posts appear unless you use the Blog Categories filters.) Most likely I won't give context to the quote, so it's probably not worth asking me. :-) Don't worry, I won't quote you without permission...

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Lawyers & Priests

Lying to a lawyer is like lying to a priest, but cheaper in the long run. ~Dan Short

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What If

What if frogs fall from the sky? ~Dan Short

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Monday, June 16, 2003

Summer School

As I understand it, most mothers are emotional when their child goes to their first day of school. I guess I'm just not like most mothers. I observed him from behind a two-way mirror for about 20 minutes with Ambrogio. Gaetano has become used to playing alone, and so he would wander away from the group to do his own thing quite a bit in those 20 minutes. I'm told he got better as the day passed.

Gaetano painted his first masterpiece today too. Soon as I can find time to fuss with my scanner I'll add it to the Artwork photo gallery.

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Roller Coasters

"Roller coasters are fun, so long as they're not emotional." ~Angela

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Just a Little Unwell

I'm alright, just a little unwell. I've had a really painful headache today and yesterday one of my infamous stomach aches. Life's pressures are certainly getting to me, but I know I'll be alright.

A few of my online friends have noticed my abscense from MSN Messenger recently. One friend, Alex, even emailed me to make sure I was alright. (That was sweet, thanks Alex.) I told him that if he didn't see me blog in two days, or post on a newsgroup we both frequent, then he can worry. For those who only watch my blog, no more than a week should pass between posts. So don't worry!

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Artwork Gallery

I've added a new Artwork gallery to the site. Not much there yet, but it should grow over time.

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Short Quote

"The past of one person is a poor predictor of the future of another."~Dan Short

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Monday, June 9, 2003

When in Vegas

When in Vegas, one should do a lot of gambolling. On my recent visit, I didn't do any gambling, and I don't regret it either.

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Saturday, June 7, 2003

Stripes & CSS

Alright, let's hear it; how do you like my stripes? Would you like me to have a style changer? Do you want to submit your own theme? Tell me what you think by adding a comment. I'm listening...

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TODCON Captions

Thanks to Bill Horvath for 5 pictures and a bunch of new captions for the TODCON MX Vegas gallery. If you've already seen the gallery it is worth checking out again just to read his little quips. We're still waiting on pics from Jim, Steve, and Adam. I'll keep you posted!

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Extended Birthday...

This year I had a bit of an extended birthday, with gifts coming over the course of about 12 days. It started with Never Ending Story on DVD, and the Garbage CD from Dan on the 26th of May. I went to Disney California adventure with the boys and our friend Rene, who signed us in for free. I had birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday night. Then Thursday, The Rum Experience (a book) arrived also from Dan. Friday, I got my birthday present to myself, wireless access, all set up with Dan's help. I spent my birthday home with Gaetano and got cards and lottery tickets from the boys. ($13 in winners.)

Then came TODCON where I got a very cool t-shirt from Jay that you can see in the TODCON MX Vegas gallery. Jay also ordered a leopard print bag for my laptop which arrived yesterday. While at TODCON, I also received a set of Hawaiian novelty ice cubes from Danilo. (They're flowers and palm trees filled with water that you freeze and use as ice cubes.) Massimo gave me a box of chocolates that look like giant lady bugs. He says they're good luck. :-) At the end of TODCON, bottles of wine were given away to people nominated by the audience for one reason or another. I was stunned to hear my name that I don't recall why I was nominated! As you'll see in the gallery, I'm holding a bottle of Syrah, which I'm saving for a special occasion.

I really feel blessed and spoiled by all the above, and by all the warm wishes from friends for a Happy Birthday too. Thanks so much to all of you for making this (extended) birthday special.

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I'm lovin' being on wireless. Loverboy just started on cable. I never used to be able to watch TV and work at the same time. It almost reminds me of when I was in high school, and I'd do my homework while watching TV. Anyway, if you've never seen this movie, you should. Mmmmm, pizza...

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About TODCON Pics

Well, I got most of the images uploaded today. I still need to add captions to many of them though. Please feel free to recomend captions to me. If I like 'em, I'll add 'em. I have rougly 35 more images to crop/resize/retouch/upload tomorrow from my camera. Then on Monday or Tuesday I should have more from other people to upload too. Sure is time consuming, but better to do it now then to slack and never get around to it... I'm way sleepy, goodnight.

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Friday, June 6, 2003


Susan, a.k.a. SES on the newsgroups, has posted her TODCON pics at

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Tom's Birthday

Happy birthday to Tom Muck! It's actually on the 7th, but it is already his birthday in his time zone...

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More Pics

Well, I've uploaded pictures from my second day in Vegas for TODCON. Unfortunately I'm having trouble writing to the XML file on the server so captions are still forthcoming. Please bear with the icky file names for now, and check the blog for news of when the captions are done. You'll want to go back and read them ;-)

Thanks to Eric Meyer, Jay Grantham, and Jim Babbage for their shots and permission to host them here. I'm still waiting for shots from Adam Carr and Steve Fleischer, but don't expect them for a few more days. Looks like TODCON MX Vegas is going to be the largest gallery I have on this site so far.

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TODCON MX Vegas Gallery

In case you're looking for the TODCON MX Vegas image gallery, it is temporarily offline while I rename images. It should be back up in about an hour. Sorry for the inconvenience. The good news is I'll have more pictures up from Day 2 at that time. Still, I have many more photos to crop, upload, that will need captions too. Thanks for your patience...

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Thursday, June 5, 2003

Oops, I Goofed...

I just noticed that I never approved one of my posts to show. Since I've been offline, I didn't get to notice. Oh well, it happens...

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Home Again

I'm back home from TODCON and have lots to catch up on before I can post more pictures. I will get to them soon as I can though, and plan to blog about a few things that happened there too. It's nice to be able to breathe smoke-free air again...

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Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Day One Pics

Ray left the network up just so I could get Day One's pictures up. Some of them need to be re-cropped because of bad batch processing, and the captions could use some help. Feel free to make suggestions. :-) There will be tons of shots from Day 2 soon as I can get those uploaded. Eric Meyer, Jim Babbage, Adam, and Steve Fleischer all have images they've either contributed or will send to me. We all had too much fun to take many shots today but there are some. So much to say, and no time to write it all since the network is going down any...

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Oh Noooooooo......

They're about to shut down the network! Nooooooooooo. I guess I'll be posting more tomorrow when I get home. Damn... Hopefully I can get a connection around somewhere.

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Find And Replace

My Find and Replace session was attended by only 5 people! I expected this though, since I was up against Eric Meyer. Really, I was hoping nobody would show, so I could attend his session. No such luck though. Eric's session was standing room only; packed.

My session went pretty well though, especially since the group watching were experienced enough to follow along without excruciating explaination. In prep for this session, and during the session, I've found several Find and Replace bugs that I must report to Macromedia. In fact, one regular expression I used, should not have worked, blatantly wrong, and it worked! I have to tinker some more to figure out why exactly I was so lucky it worked. Massimo, Tom and I were all amazed. Definitely a bug. :-)

I'd love to give this session again some time. Everyone said that they learned something totally new that would save them hours of time. So I was quite pleased. Afterwards, during the lunch break, I redid several portions of the session for those who missed it. Lots of fun. Reg Exes are cool. ;-)

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It Ain't Over...

Even though TODCON is officially over, we're still going strong and having a blast. There's so much to say, and so many photos to crop, upload and captionize (is that a word?). So please be patient, and I'll do my best.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Template Shtuff...

Murray's talking about creating menus using template parameters and template expressions to determine the down state of a button. He definitely knows his stuff, and how to expose the power behind these features. Not to mention it is just fun hearing him use the word "spawn"...

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Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips

I'm pumped! My session went smoothly without any glitches. Not only that but I had a perfect audience. Everyone was familiar with CSS enough that I didn't need to really explain the code, but just demonstrate it's output. None of the audience use Win98 or Macintosh (with the exception of Eric Meyer who uses OS9 and he wasn't worried about DW's multi-user configuration). Russ Helfland, Macromedia Principle Engineer, was in attendance, and taking notes. <innocent>I <hinted /> at some features I'd like to see (fixed).</innocent> The session wasn't just tips in the book; about 40% are not in the book. All in all, I'm pleased with how my session turned out. :-)

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Day One Done...

I didn't do much more blogging because I spent a good hour or so going from room to room in the hotel to find one where the wireless connection works. Finally Jay suggests we try an even numbered room which is closer to the base station. Sure enough, that did it!

By the time I got rooms switched and went up to the conference level it was about 5:30. Hung out with everyone up there awhile then we decided to meet back at 7 for dinner. We wound up going to a sushi place in the Luxor. Dinner conversation... well, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as they say... However, I was taking down quotes and will add some of them to a page on this site. There are images taken by Jay, Eric, and Adam. (Adam will email me those when he gets back home.) Jay and Eric were going to give me theirs tonight but I never made it out of my room to get the laptop. I wound up staying here in my room and taking care of some things, losing all track of time. Jay called and said I stood them up at about 11:45 that they were all going to bed. Sorry guys! I got happens.

Hopefully I'll get the pictures from them and uploaded some time tomorrow. I've my Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips session to do tomorrow first session of the morning. After that I'll try to get the pics up and some work done too. Stay tuned...

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Monday, June 2, 2003

Mini Cart

Since I teased Kevin earlier about using CFStudio to do his session, he's decided to do this one using Dreamweaver MX. :-) He's doing just fine, but only because he's handcoding everything! ;-) I'm going to have to talk to him a bit and show him the light...

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Arman Danesh is giving us the rundown on relational databases. Consistency, Control, and Manageability are the three reasons he's given for creating relations. We'll be getting the fundamentals, and it looks like we'll begin putting some of that to use.

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File Permissions...

I've been trying to add the captions to the TODCON MX Vegas shots, but I'm getting file permission errors for creation and saving of the XML files that store the data. The error I get is to contact my host. Hopefully my host will be able to help me while he's on vacation... Otherwise we may be captionless! Oh no... Please be patient and if you see anything funky happening, it'll get fixed, don't worry. :-)

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Exploring the Basics

Ed Apostol is speaking about CFML basics with a handout provided and a downloadable PDF. I'm not sharing the link either, so neener neener to you for not being here. ;-)

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ColdFusion Bootcamp

I've decided that whenever I'm not speaking at one of my sessions, I'll most likely be at ColdFusion bootcamp. Kevin Schmidt is doing the first session as I type this message. He's going to start us from the very beginning, installing ColdFusion. He'll show us around CF Administrator too. I'm getting the feeling that we're all being assimilated without our knowledge. ;-)

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Standards Are Cool, But...

Tables are evil :-) Nah, not really... Not when they're used for tabular data at least. However if your clients aren't ready for standards, then there's no point in doing it economically speaking.

I've been to a lot of keynotes, well about 5 or 6 at least... and Eric is impressive. We're all awake, nobody dosing off. He's not preaching table-less design at all like one might expect. Instead, he's talking about standards-oriented design, keeping the code lean and clean. If you use a table for layout, avoid nesting tables excessively, spacer GIFs, and HTML elements for styling.

I'm liking this because though I've been pushing for XHTML and table-less designs whenever I can, I do realize that the audience and other factors must be considered before making that design decision.

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Live Bloggin'

We're here at "Summer Camp For Geeks" and about to have Eric A Meyer present the keynote.

Last night the speakers and Community MX authors joined for a special dinner of Filet Minon and Chicken with creme (not-so) brule (but still yummy) for dessert. Open bar...yummmmm.

Unlike past conferences, I've taken pictures from Day 1. I even have them all uploaded already but I need to do captions so I'm not revealing them to you just yet. All in good time... :-)

Ray says we have to eat the food :-) There's lots of it even...

Eric Meyer's introduction (Ray West): We've tried to get Eric Meyer here for a year and half. I've had his passport revoked and taken two of his children so he can be here.

I've been writing down some great quotes as they happen and will either post them or use them as captions in the photo albums.

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Sunday, June 1, 2003


I'm about to leave for TODCON MX Vegas. Everything is packed, just have to run to the store real quick then it is off to John Wayne airport. I should be getting to the hotel about 4pm. I've heard that there will be wireless access there, so if it works for me, I'll try to blog "live" from TODCON.

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Fav-eye-con (a.k.a. Favicon)

Earlier today I added a new Favicon. I created one for Dan's Shorts too, but he's yet to add the necessary code to make his show up without the user jumping through hoops, so you may not see his yet. I like to call 'em fav-eye-cons because they're close-ups of our pixel people's eyes. :-) I'm just cheesy like that y'know.

I used Icon Forge to create them by importing GIF images. I have 4 uses left of the trial, and I'm pretty sure I'll buy it since it was just so easy to use.

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