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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Template Shtuff...

Murray's talking about creating menus using template parameters and template expressions to determine the down state of a button. He definitely knows his stuff, and how to expose the power behind these features. Not to mention it is just fun hearing him use the word "spawn"...

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Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips

I'm pumped! My session went smoothly without any glitches. Not only that but I had a perfect audience. Everyone was familiar with CSS enough that I didn't need to really explain the code, but just demonstrate it's output. None of the audience use Win98 or Macintosh (with the exception of Eric Meyer who uses OS9 and he wasn't worried about DW's multi-user configuration). Russ Helfland, Macromedia Principle Engineer, was in attendance, and taking notes. <innocent>I <hinted /> at some features I'd like to see (fixed).</innocent> The session wasn't just tips in the book; about 40% are not in the book. All in all, I'm pleased with how my session turned out. :-)

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Day One Done...

I didn't do much more blogging because I spent a good hour or so going from room to room in the hotel to find one where the wireless connection works. Finally Jay suggests we try an even numbered room which is closer to the base station. Sure enough, that did it!

By the time I got rooms switched and went up to the conference level it was about 5:30. Hung out with everyone up there awhile then we decided to meet back at 7 for dinner. We wound up going to a sushi place in the Luxor. Dinner conversation... well, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as they say... However, I was taking down quotes and will add some of them to a page on this site. There are images taken by Jay, Eric, and Adam. (Adam will email me those when he gets back home.) Jay and Eric were going to give me theirs tonight but I never made it out of my room to get the laptop. I wound up staying here in my room and taking care of some things, losing all track of time. Jay called and said I stood them up at about 11:45 that they were all going to bed. Sorry guys! I got happens.

Hopefully I'll get the pictures from them and uploaded some time tomorrow. I've my Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips session to do tomorrow first session of the morning. After that I'll try to get the pics up and some work done too. Stay tuned...

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