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Wednesday, June 18, 2003


I've been thinking about getting a webcam, but have no idea what to choose. I'd prefer to have one that has a filter/mask for when I'm having a bad hair day. Other than that, it should work and not break when (not if) it falls. Durable is good. I don't want to have to fuss with anything, I just want to point it at me or my son and everything should focus and work smoothly. Am I asking too much? :-)

Why am I blogging about this? Now that my blog has comments available, you can tell me what to look for when purchasing a web cam (or share a funny webcam story, or whatever...). I'm in no big hurry to get one, but I'd like to add it to the wishlist at least. Thanks. :-)

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Sushi Overload...

Wednesday night at O Sushi Cafe is "All You Can Eat Sushi Night". I had 4 pieces of tuna, 4 pieces of yellow tail, 2 pieces of seared albacore, an 8 piece spicy tuna roll, an order of fried calamari(but I could only eat 1/2), and mochi balls for dessert. I'm stuffed...

With as much as I talk about sushi, I'm contemplating adding a Sushi category. Hmm...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003


If you haven't noticed yet, I've added a Quotes category to the blog. This is where I'll post things that I've thought that seem quotable, or things friends say to me. (All posts appear unless you use the Blog Categories filters.) Most likely I won't give context to the quote, so it's probably not worth asking me. :-) Don't worry, I won't quote you without permission...

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Lawyers & Priests

Lying to a lawyer is like lying to a priest, but cheaper in the long run. ~Dan Short

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What If

What if frogs fall from the sky? ~Dan Short

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Monday, June 16, 2003

Summer School

As I understand it, most mothers are emotional when their child goes to their first day of school. I guess I'm just not like most mothers. I observed him from behind a two-way mirror for about 20 minutes with Ambrogio. Gaetano has become used to playing alone, and so he would wander away from the group to do his own thing quite a bit in those 20 minutes. I'm told he got better as the day passed.

Gaetano painted his first masterpiece today too. Soon as I can find time to fuss with my scanner I'll add it to the Artwork photo gallery.

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Roller Coasters

"Roller coasters are fun, so long as they're not emotional." ~Angela

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Just a Little Unwell

I'm alright, just a little unwell. I've had a really painful headache today and yesterday one of my infamous stomach aches. Life's pressures are certainly getting to me, but I know I'll be alright.

A few of my online friends have noticed my abscense from MSN Messenger recently. One friend, Alex, even emailed me to make sure I was alright. (That was sweet, thanks Alex.) I told him that if he didn't see me blog in two days, or post on a newsgroup we both frequent, then he can worry. For those who only watch my blog, no more than a week should pass between posts. So don't worry!

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