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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Not Menu Magic

Three people – who could have checked the source code because they know how – have asked me already if the navigation on the left is Menu Magic 1, by Project Seven. No, it's not Menu Magic 1. :-) If you don't believe me choose View » Source.

Menu Magic 1 is a great extension and I use it on the current version of Actually the new DWmommy menu was done for the upcoming new version of I liked it so much that I decided to use it here too. Dan and I are still refining the JavaScript and CSS. Eventually I'll be making an extension out of the final code. Of course, I'll talk about it here first...

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Friday, May 30, 2003

Outlook XP

I've finally given in, and am about to start using Outlook as my mail reader. It gave me all sorts of trouble tonight and I wasted a few hours with it. I was getting duplicate messages and they were all marked an hour earlier than they should have been. It turns out that the automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time box wasn't checked and that caused most of the problem. An email with a huge file attachment was making the download time out as well adding to the problem. It looks like that's all settled now. Tomorrow I'll add my other email accounts to Outlook and see if trouble persists. Hopefully not! I still need to get ready for TODCON... Gonna be a long weekend! <sigh />

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Happy Birthday

I've gone wireless and launched the new blog today. You can now comment on my posts even. You may notice that I've all the features of Dan's blog-o-matic too. Thanks Dan!

Happy birthday to Marion Kaltenschnee and Pete Hawkes from the Dreamweaver newsgroup! Turning out to be a better birthday than I expected. :-)

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Sometimes I do get out...

I finally bought a new cordless phone, 2.4ghz. Seems crazy that my phone is 2.4ghz when my computer is only 1.7ghz... :-\ (Yes I realize that it is frequency vs. processor, but it just sounds weird.)

So I'm walking through Target, I'm pushing the shopping cart and when I let go to pick something off the shelf, my cart bumps into another cart. I told the guy I was sorry and he says to me "That's okay, I'll just hit yours back." and he bumped my cart gently and we both burst out laughing hysterically. His wife was stunned, glared at him and said "You're lucky she has a good sense of humor." I replied "No, you're lucky that he has a good sense of humor." She thought for a moment and answerred "You know, you're right?" Pretty funny, but I guess you had to be there.

Later we went to dinner for sushi. Gaetano all of a sudden tells me with pure excitement "Mama look at the princess." I asked him, "What princess? I don't see a princess." "Over there he answers," pointing to a goergeous blonde who very well could be Cinderella. It was adorable. I asked him to tell the princess hello but he didn't want to. "I don't want to say hi. I don't have money." I'm a little concerned about the second sentence, but it was so darn cute I had to tell the "princess".

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

B-day Anticipation

Ten days and counting until my birthday (May 30th). 28 years on this planet already. I've lots of wishes that go way beyond material things for this year. With a lot of luck and patience, hopefully those will come true. I'll make my wishes official when I blow out the candles though. Hopefully I can do it all in one breath! :-)

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I left it in San Francisco

<tune melody="I left my heart in San Francisco">I left my phone charger in San Francisco...</tune> Hotel is sending it UPS next day service. I probably could have bought a new AC adapter for what its gonna cost me. Oh well... :-)

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Not my day

Recently I switched to what appeared to be a great deal. $48.95 for any time, anywhere in the United States. No more separate long distance bill. This includes local long distance too, they really did mean anywhere; I checked on that.

Well I just got the info packet in the mail. Normally I don't bother to read it. Turns out though that "This phone number cannot be used to access the internet". Well, I'm on DSL and that uses this phone number! :-\ Does it mean just no dialup? Grrrr calling customer service in the morning.

First my laptop dies and I have horrible phone support, now this! Today's not my day...

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San Francisco

Had a great time working on some top secret stuff in San Francisco from the 14th thru 18th. (Try not to draw too many conclusions about why we were there.<wink />)There are some pictures in the gallery if you're interested.

While there, we visited Macromedia twice. Billy Ray took us for a long walk up many hills to have sushi. Well worth every step to get there. Billy also took us on a tour of Macromedia, which is spread out over 3 buildings. Our first visit was Thursday and there were hardly anyone left. Apparantly they all went to go see Matrix 2. Didn't anyone tell them we were coming? Oh, the nerve. :-) So we returned on Friday and met many of the Macromedians we exchange email with or see on the newsgroup, including John Dowdell, George Fox, Heather Hollander, Chris Valliquet, Donald Booth, Jeff VonWard, and Scott Unterberg. (Please excuse any mispellings!) It is always nice to put names and faces together.

Only bad thing about the trip was that my laptop died on Saturday night so I didn't get much done after that happened. Luckily Dell will be here by tomorrow (hopefully) to fix it. Meanwhile, I'm stuck on my desktop...

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Monday, May 12, 2003

Mother's Day

I had a nice Mother's Day yesterday. Took a few pictures but none turned out all that well... I will try to upload them this weekend some time. I've a busy week ahead of me.

Ever have days where you just can't think straight? I've been having lots of those lately. They say fish is brainfood. I'm having sushi for lunch; I need all the help I can get!

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Monday, May 5, 2003

NasbyShow & Blog-o-matic

I've been hard(ly) at work on my cousin's site the past few days and I'd say it's about 90% done now. I will hopefully finiish it up tomorrow. I say "hardly" because I've used Dan's blog-o-matic for the site as well as his image gallery code. Its somewhat of a case study in two parts. I'm able to give feedback from a developer standpoint about implementing the code, and my cousin will be able to give feedback from the client perspective.

Speaking of blog-o-matic, I'll be updating soon, to use blog-o-matic. I'm really looking forward to being able to take comments from readers. Should be a lot of fun. The new design is done, but before I can play with my site, I need to finish my cousin's and start on some other work. Look for a new DWmommy in a week or so, hopefully sooner!

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Saturday, May 3, 2003

Buzz Lightyear

Have you ever been curious what would happen if you poured milk inside Buzz Lightyear's helmet? Apparantly Gaetano did... He brought the toy to me, pushed the button and we both laughed hysterically at what we heard(340kb). Thankfully I was able to repair the damage and Buzz is now in good health. In fact, his voice sounds normal, which is more than I can say for mine. (I've had a sore throat for a few days now.)

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