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MSN Messenger 6 Emoticons

by ~Angela

All of these icons were created for MSN 6 by yours truly. I admit, some of them are just variations of existing emoticons by MSN. You're welcome to use all of these however you see fit. I wish I could share all my custom icons with you, but I'm concerned with copyright violation if they're shared on the web, sorry!

Enjoy! ~Angela

To save an image: Right-click (ctrl+click if you're on a Macintosh, but MSN 6 is PC only right now) on the image and choose the appropriate option to save the image to your local machine.

Icon My Shortcut
blank (blank)
blush (blush)
coolies (cls)
err (err)
happy (happy)
hugs (hugs)
ice cream (ice)
laptop (lap)
pleased (ooo)
pleased (plsd)
sneaky (snky)
spelling? (sp?)
stressed (strss)
sushi (sushi)

Tip: I use the blank smiley as a base for new smileys I create. In chat I use it when I don't know what to say.