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Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Fame and Misfortune

There's been a siting; Eric spotted this ad of me on, which is new to the collection. Have you spotted me in an ad online somewhere else?

With all this "fame", you'd think there'd be fortune. Ha! Seems these days its more like misfortune...

First my car died. (I've no idea what's wrong with it yet other than it won't start and inside it smells like gasoline.) Then the bathroom sink leaked badly enough to ruin the vanity so that it will need to be replaced. (Luckily the cheap particle board inside it soaked up all the water that there wasn't any floor damage.) This morning we discovered that the washer is leaking and will cost $189 to fix. A bunch of medical bills arrived (you don't want to know how much) along with a $1320 estimate for dental work that's badly needed.

That's not to mention all the other things that are not directly related to money that have been going on lately. September has been a really stressful month for me to say the least.

I just had a crazy idea. Perhaps since I have a page devoted to my "fame", I should have one devoted to my (lack of) fortune. I suppose it can't hurt... It may not even help; not like it'll make me rich!

I'll keep working hard as usual...

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Hooray for FritoLay!

Today I discoverred the new line of Natural and Organic Snacks from FritoLay. I never thought Gaetano would be able to have Doritos due to his food allergies (which I believe I share so I avoid the same foods), but now he can! So far I've taste tested the Natural White Cheddar and Natural Cool Ranch Doritos and they're just as yummy as the original. The Natural White Cheddar Cheetos are delicious too and sure to be a hit with Gaetano. We'll surely be trying their other natural products when these run out. I'll comment here if any turn out to be less yummy than the original, but from the taste of it so far it doesn't look like that will be a problem at all.

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