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Friday, July 25, 2003

Gaetano Had a Rough Day

At about 6:20pm I got to Gaetano's school to pick him up from daycare. I saw Ambrogio's car in the parking lot so I knew something was wrong. Poor Gaetano had thrown up just 15 minutes earlier. They called his dad at work since it is only roughly a 1/4 mile away. I could tell he had a fever so I told Ambrogio I'd take him to Urgent Care.

On the way to the doctor's he threw up in the car. I took Gaetano in and his fever was 102. They gave him some Tylenol and we waited what seemed like forever. Dr. Aufenberg saw him, and said that he seemed to have a throat infection developing and prescribed an antibiotic. Ambrogio came to the office just before the nurse came in to give Gaetano a suppository to help supress vomiting.

He was fine in the car on the way to the pharmacy but on the way home from there, he threw up once more in the car. Poor guy :-(. He wanted rice for dinner which is a good choice for upset tummies, so I made him some. He ate a bit and soon after he dozed off. I hope he feels better in the morning.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003


At about 3am I woke up to some really loud and unfamilar noises. Ambrogio got up to see what it was (my foot was "asleep"). It sounded like someone was maybe breaking into the cars or something. Turns out there was a big brown dog out there behind my car. It whimpered a little but we didn't think anything of it since it got quiet. We figured it was just a stray. I heard more whimpering at about 6:30am so I got up this time and went to the window. The dog was apparently stuck; he'd wrapped his long leash around one of the poles that hold up the carport. Animal Control doesn't open until 7:30am and by now it was 7 when I decided to go outside and take a picture of it. (Camera battery died before I could snap the picture.) Gaetano watched from the window amused and laughing. Just then, a neighbor came out and indicated that the dog may belong to someone across the street. I went over there to ask, and sure enough it was "Bailey", their dog. Bailey jumped up and down and wagged his tail when he saw his master. It took him about 5 minutes to untangle the dog's 25 foot leash. The clasp was stuck under the tire of my car which is what got the dog stuck originally, but then he paniced and got himself wrapped around the pole numerous times in a tangled mess. Once "Bailey" was free he came to me as if to say thanks, and I introduced myself. All is well now, and Bailey has gone back home where he belongs.

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