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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Aquarium of the Pacific

Gaetano went on his first field trip yesterday. It was one of those "mommy" moments for me to sign his permission slip and sign up as a chaperon.

I uploaded the pictures but made no effort to optimize them or add captions yet, sorry. Some are out of focus and I'll probably get rid of some of the images that didn't turn out great later. I'm just too busy this weekend unfortunately. I wanted to get them up at least so family could look. :-)

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

From Thursday to Now...

Thursday morning Gaetano woke up with a mild fever (99.2). It didn't take him long to get his first cold from school! So we kept him home, took him to the doctor's and got him on anti-biotics.

Friday he stayed home too, and was clingy since he didn't feel well, but to look at him you wouldn't know he was sick except the occasional sniffle. We were both hungry so we went out for Japanese together. He just loves Miso soup. By late Friday night I could feel a sore throat coming, but it felt more like an alergic reaction to something I ate, or so I hoped.

Saturday I woke with one of the worst sore throats ever. If there is one knd of pain I have a low tolerance for it is sore throat pain. In the video of my labor with Gaetano, I tell the nurse I don't need any meds for the contractions, but ask if it is okay to take my throat medicine! It didn't take long for post nasal drip to start and my head to get all stuffy. Now I know how Gaetano was feeling, poor guy. :-( I've been so miserable, I can't get anything done, not work, not household chores, nothin'.

Today I woke up totally stuffed and am about 1/2 way through a Kleenex box since about 8pm last night. Of course I have several deadlines looming, and this isn't helping me to concentrate on those any either... I want my mommy...

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Monday, June 16, 2003

Summer School

As I understand it, most mothers are emotional when their child goes to their first day of school. I guess I'm just not like most mothers. I observed him from behind a two-way mirror for about 20 minutes with Ambrogio. Gaetano has become used to playing alone, and so he would wander away from the group to do his own thing quite a bit in those 20 minutes. I'm told he got better as the day passed.

Gaetano painted his first masterpiece today too. Soon as I can find time to fuss with my scanner I'll add it to the Artwork photo gallery.

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Artwork Gallery

I've added a new Artwork gallery to the site. Not much there yet, but it should grow over time.

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