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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I was hoping to be twitterpated like most Twitter fanatics seem to be, but instead I'm twittervated.

Twittervate (twi-tər-vāt-ed)

Inflected forms: twittervates, twittervated, twittervating, twittervation

A combination of the words twitter and aggravated, which is not at all like (and quite opposite of) the Disney-derived term "twitterpated". Middle English twiteren; akin to Old High German zwizzirōn to twitter. Latin aggravatus, past participle of aggravare to make heavier, from ad- + gravare to burden, from gravis heavy more at grieve

Date: July 5th, 2008

1: to be aggravated by the malfunction of Twitter.

2: to feel displeasure or anger by persistent misbehavior of Twitter.

3: to become annoyed with "tweets" by the users of Twitter.

If you laughed at this at all, you can so relate!

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Twitter hates me

I've tweeted from twitter's home page in Firefox 2, Opera 9 and Safari 2. None of my tweets today are showing up.

Now its "over capacity".

Ugh, as a twitter newbie I'm so not impressed...

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