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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Don't Ask Again

Gaetano is at that age where he'll ask a question, I'll give him an answer and then a moment later he asks the same thing again. It is as though he thinks he'll get a different answer the second time.

I've learned to answer him once and when he asks again I have him tell me what I answered. If he asks again, I'll tell him, "Don't ask again or [insert consequence here]". Sometimes he does this when I'm reading him a story just so he can stay up longer and in that case the consequence is usually "no more story".

Tonight he was reading me a story. (He tries to read but it is more like making up a story based on the pictures.) He'd been "reading" for quite some time.

Me [teasingly]: Are you done yet?

Gaetano [sternly]: Don't ask again or no more story.

Me [opportunistically]: Are you done yet?

Gaetano: [He pauses a moment before closing the book, keeping his finger in place just in case.] That's it; no more story.

Me [convincingly pouting]: No more story for mama. [fake sad face]

I turned my laughter into a little bit of fake crying.

Gaetano: That's ok, next month.

Me: Next month you'll read me a story? [He nods] Ok. [I grin]

We said our goodnights, hugged and kissed, and then I turned off the lights and walked out with a huge grin that turned into laughter once I was back in the office where he couldn't hear.

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