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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Total Tonsilectomy

Well folks, it looks like I'll be having my tonsils removed completely. I could do the laser cryptology again, but there's no guarantee it will work and I could be unhappy with how my tonsils feel afterwards.

It took some getting used to how the tonsils felt after the first procedure. The left tonsil wiggles bumping my throat sometimes and it is a bit annoying.

Doing laser cryptology again means that I could be left with part of a tonsil wiggling in the back of my throat. Just the thought of that sounds irritating to me, so bye bye tonsils. I'd rather have them gone completely than potentially have a tonsil flopping around all the time in my throat.

I don't know when the procedure will be yet, but it won't be until late April or early May. Naturally, when I know I will blog...

UPDATE: I get my tonsils out on April 27th at 7:30am PST, outpatient surgery by the same doctor who did the laser cryptology.

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