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Sunday, November 7, 2004

MAX Presentation Resource Update

Well, it looks like one of the links I provided in my Dreamweaver Killer Tips session is down. Good news is, I have a new link for you and I'll see about getting my presentation updated. The link I'm refering to is to Tom Muck's Speedup Hints for Dreamweaver MX article which covers a variety of methods you can use to help speed up Dreamweaver. (Though it was originally written for Dreamweaver MX, it still applies to Dreamweaver MX 2004.) The new link to his article is:

Thanks Tom for getting that taken care of so quickly for me!

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MAX Community Pit

I just wanted to post a few words about the Community Pit at MAX. If you didn't stop by there you seriously missed out, especially if you didn't come by on Tuesday after the conference was done for the day. All you had to do was talk to one of the TMM's or MMUG managers to get a raffle ticket to win a cool bag. There were at least 20 given away and several t-shirts given out too.

At the Community Pit there was also a little introduction to's new knowledge base. "If you put your hands on the keyboard and try it, you get (free) Louisiana hot sauce."

There were huge comfy bean bag chairs and cables for getting connected to the internet for those without wireless access. It's the hangout spot for TMMs and MMUG managers, making it the place to go to get your burning questions answered by non-MM employees. (There was also an area of MM product support engineers answering questions.)

If you missed "the pit" this year, be sure to stop by next year. I'm sure there'll be more fun to be had, and we're a friendly bunch who loves to talk to people. Don't be shy!

Thanks to Amy Brooks, Ed Sullivan, Scott Fegette, Christine Lawson and any others who were responsible for the Community Pit and the sponsored event. I had a great time. (Special thanks to Amy for going easy on us with the t-shirts this year. In comparison to the ones we had to wear last year, these were great!)

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