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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Mildly Anemic & Chronic Congestion

As it turns out, I am in fact mildly anemic. I'm starting on Iron therapy which should help. Sure explains why I get tired so easily; I'm relieved it wasn't my thyroid causing tiredness.

I've had congestion/sinusits over the last 6 months or so, and so has Gaetano. Finally, my regular doctor saw me while I had symptoms. (Usually he's always booked and I get stuck seeing someone else. He's very good, and hence quite popular. Dr. Sobral has been my doctor for about 24 years now.) As it turns out, this is a chronic condition, and should be treated (in what I consider to be) in an agressive manner.

I'll be taking a pricey brand-name medication, Augmentin (which is an anti-biotic) for 3 weeks, along with 2 other medications. There is no generic, which means I've now met $210.40 of my $500 annual deductible for brand name medication. Yep, I said it was pricey didn't I? ;-)

Getting rid of my constant "colds" (that's how I think of them) and treating my anemia should give me back quite a bit of energy and strength. I'm so looking forward to feeling healthy again, I cannot even explain it properly. I'm feeling like there's hope now for wellness! :-)

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