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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Look Ma, I'm Famous!

My apologies if this post seems at all vain. I'm posting mostly for family and friends who are interested. Few others will care at all, except for perhaps my supposed fan club in Italy...

Back in July when the ads first debuted via email, I had no idea just how much more the ads would circulate. I got a good laugh when David Robinison said:

"This afternoon I got a couple of emails in my inbox with Macromedia's new MAX ad campaign. They both begin "MAX is..." and have the names of MAX 2005 speakers. I got Angela Buraglia and Justin Everett-Church. (They seem like little trading cards in some ways...collect 'em all!)"

Since then, variations of the ad have appeared on's site and full page ads inside the MX Developers Journal (Volume 3 Issue 7), just inside the back cover of ColdFusion Developer's Journal (July 2005 Volume:7 Issue:7 & August 2005 Volume:7 Issue:8), and just two pages away from being the centerfold of the Special Issue: Studio 8 edition of the MX Developer's Journal (Volume 3 Issue 8).

I've been told the ad will also appear on and a and possibly others but I haven't seen them yet. If you happen to spot me somewhere please let me know.

I've uploaded a copy of the original email blast, the sys-con site's ads, and a PDF copy of the full page magazine ad if you're curious.

Long before I was ever a web developer, I was an aspiring actress turned makeup artist for film. I never expected to make it in print work! ;-)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Hooray for FritoLay!

Today I discoverred the new line of Natural and Organic Snacks from FritoLay. I never thought Gaetano would be able to have Doritos due to his food allergies (which I believe I share so I avoid the same foods), but now he can! So far I've taste tested the Natural White Cheddar and Natural Cool Ranch Doritos and they're just as yummy as the original. The Natural White Cheddar Cheetos are delicious too and sure to be a hit with Gaetano. We'll surely be trying their other natural products when these run out. I'll comment here if any turn out to be less yummy than the original, but from the taste of it so far it doesn't look like that will be a problem at all.

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Gaetano and Demetrius - FireFox Logo Recognition

As you may recall, Dan and I celebrated our love of FireFox a few days ago. Today, Dan wore his t-shirt and Gaetano thought it was really cool.

Gaetano pointed at Dan's shirt and notices, "That looks like a fox. He has a nose." With loads of curiosity in his voice he asked, "Why is the fox on fire?"

Naturally, Dan and I were pleased at his observation and the two of us replied at the same time. I said, "Because that's the FireFox logo. It's a FireFox." while Dan said, "That's his name. His name is FireFox." Looks like they did a good job depicting the name with the logo!

Shortly thereafter we arrived at my friend's house for her son's 10th birthday celebration. Demetrius saw Dan's shirt and exclaims, "Wow, you really do like computers -- a Mozilla FireFox shirt!"

I was surprised to hear he knew what FireFox was, so I asked him about it. As it turns out, Demetrius knew about FireFox because his aunt "got it after her virus". He also thought the logo was really cool.

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