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Friday, May 30, 2003

Outlook XP

I've finally given in, and am about to start using Outlook as my mail reader. It gave me all sorts of trouble tonight and I wasted a few hours with it. I was getting duplicate messages and they were all marked an hour earlier than they should have been. It turns out that the automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time box wasn't checked and that caused most of the problem. An email with a huge file attachment was making the download time out as well adding to the problem. It looks like that's all settled now. Tomorrow I'll add my other email accounts to Outlook and see if trouble persists. Hopefully not! I still need to get ready for TODCON... Gonna be a long weekend! <sigh />

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Happy Birthday

I've gone wireless and launched the new blog today. You can now comment on my posts even. You may notice that I've all the features of Dan's blog-o-matic too. Thanks Dan!

Happy birthday to Marion Kaltenschnee and Pete Hawkes from the Dreamweaver newsgroup! Turning out to be a better birthday than I expected. :-)

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