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Friday, September 26, 2003


Being sick is definitely affecting my typing. I'm making so many typos lately. I'm even making dumb grammatical errors. We all know my typing is horrible, but I usually proofread well enough to catch my goofs. My apologies to those who've had to endure my bad typing today. Hopefully I'll feel better soon!

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Buraglia's and Bertone's

Buraglia's are just popping up out of the woodworks lately! I think it's something to do with how easily I'm found on Google. (I've gotten some email in addition to the comments I approved.) It really is a small world...

I'm interested in hearing from my family too though, so I better start mentioning Bertone here occasionally if I ever want to be found. ;-) I have a lot of family I've never met or have not seen in many years. Italian families can be so stubborn, and just stop talking for years for no real good reason. Here's hoping that it doesn't last forever.

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Chicken and Steak

"Chicken is good, but I like steak." ~Gaetano, to my mother as he munched on chicken.

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Long Time No Post...

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here and the last few messages have been pretty brief. I figured since I was approving a comment to my previous post I'd make a new one while I'm here.

I'm recovering fairly well from the surgery. I caught a cold/flu on Sunday and despite medication, I have gotten progressively worse. I've been having some pain in my lower right abdomen and if it persists I'll go back to the ER again. Let's hope not!

I've been busy as can be, but I'll try and start posting more often. My apologies for my absense, but I think I have a pretty good excuse. :-)

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