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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm not MAX...

My reign as MAX has definitely ended... I was not asked to be a speaker at MAX this year. I'm not sure yet if I'll even attend. (I'll post again if I am going.)

Funny thing happened though a couple days ago. Telling the story to a friend made me think that I ought to share the story on my blog...

A lady called, gave her name and said she's with Adobe and wanted to invite me to MAX. So I responded, "You mean to be a speaker?"

She responded something along the lines of, "Well I'm calling to invite you to MAX." Confused by this I responded, "Ok, so I don't understand... are you calling to give me a free pass for some reason or to ask me to be a speaker?"

To which she said "no I'm calling to invite you to MAX. You attended last year and we're offering an early bird special."

I just couldn't help but crack up laughing. I had to explain it to her because the poor thing was just as confused by my responses as I'd been with her "invitation".

Oh well, maybe next year! :-)

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