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Saturday, July 3, 2004

XHTML 1.1 Validation

Earlier today I received this anonymous comment under my previous post:

Name: praetorian
Email: laughing@liber.als
Date Added: 7/2/2004 8:21:30 PM

Content: this really has nothing to do with your birthday, but your source code claims to be xhtml 1.1 yet it's not even close

happy belated birthday, regardless

Well whoever you are, you were right. I'd neglected to encode the ampersands in the some URLs... such a horrible offense that one was. I forgot to add an alt attribute to the Macromedia affiliate ad image too. Other than that, it was a bunch of encoded characters that weren't recognized within blog comments. (My guess is someone wrote the comment in Word then pasted to the form.) Dreamweaver also converted some onclick events to onClick in my navigation include file -- Dreamweaver bug which I was aware of but always forget to fix.

In any case they were all silly little mistakes, and if I had a transitional doctype it probably would have passed (except for maybe the blog comments). It only took a couple minutes to fix. Whoever you are, thanks for pointing it out to me. You didn't need to hide your identity either. I wouldn't have been offended.

I know there's a chance that the pages won't validate due to comments in posts or a lack of an encoded ampersand in a URL (which I have to say is a really stupid rule). I just need to be better about checking regularly. Thanks for the reminder...

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