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Saturday, April 26, 2003


Hanging with my cousin is always fun... Last night he came over to work on his website. I'd ordered dinner, sushi and sashimi. I was very brave, and had eel and the salmon eggs! Eel wasn't slimey like I'd expected. The eggs were just kind of salty then sweet when they burst; they don't do much for me, but if they're sprinkled on my sushi I'll eat 'em.

Matt (known as "Nasby") has a cell phone that rings enough to drive any person crazy. Thankfully he has the discipline to ignore calls with the help of caller ID and a handy reject call button. He'd stepped out once when it rang and I noticed a name, Jones. I said, "Hey Matt, there's a Jones on your cell. Must be Norah." Matt replies, "Yeah, she wants to come away with me." :-) Matt's always got a good quick comeback; he's very funny.

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