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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Old age vs. Youth

Old age and treachery wins out over youth and exuberance every time. ~Lawrence Cramer

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Middle Aged?

Ok, so I'm not quite their target market since I just turned 30 in May, but still...

Dan was just reading me a an article on Slate called, "Are Gap's new clothes for boomers any good?". I had to cut him off when he got to this part, "Women over age 35 are, in the words of Forth & Towne's president, Gary Muto, "underserved." They have more income than younger women, but fewer places to shop. For most middle-aged women[...]".

"Middle Aged?!", I exclaimed. "If they want to hit their target market, they'd better stop calling us middle-aged!" Hrumph... So what if I'm just 30. I'll be 35 before I know it and I was actually looking forward to shopping there...

All kidding aside, I took a look at the slideshow and some of the clothes look alright but I'm not all that impressed. They're going to have to have some very impressive window displays to get me to walk in (and not because of the "middle-aged" thing).

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