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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

TMM Plan of Action

So here I was blogging live and when I finally hit submit, I lost the wireless connection and my post with it! Rather than give you all the points in our little Time Management presentation again, I'll just give you a few of the best ones:

Here are a couple of the ideas we would like to see MM take some action on:

Our target goal is to improve how we manage our time on the newsgroups by January. The plan of action is to spread the word to the TMMs not present via mailing lists and possibly by Breeze conference.

This sort of event definitely gives us new energy and I hoep that we can channel some of that to the TMMs who weren't able to be here.

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Flex and Leadership

I was going to post about Flex, but Dan beat me to it. So instead I'll tell you a little about what is going on now.

Currently, we're prepping to do an excercise that will help us establish some goals and some realistic approaches to reaching those goals. This leadership session should prove to help me as a Team Macromedia member, enabling me to deal with the two biggest issues we face:

So, off I go to our little group...

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MAX Community College

Just got through the MAX Community College keynote. I'm not real sure how much we're allowed to say about what we heard here today, but I can tell you that it was good stuff. ;-) Macromedia has some interesting plans for the future and a lot of it includes Flash. One of these days I'll finally have to learn some Flash I think... More later when I know what I can and cannot talk about ;-)

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