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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I always feel better when I have visitors and I usually heal faster if I get out of the house. Yesterday brought both; I had visitors and I was able to get out for a little while.

Eric, Kat, and Carolyn Meyer came over to visit us. It was so nice of them to fly all the way to California just to visit me. Ok, I'm fibbing and you're gullible! They were here in California for a friend's wedding and so we planned a day together.

When this whole tonsil surgery thing came about I thought I'd be too miserable for company and thought I'd have to cancel. I'm so glad I was well enough for company.

Dan and Gaetano had never met Kat or Carolyn before yesterday. (Last month Eric was on his way to a conference and had a long layover in California, so Dan and Gaetano got to meet him then.) It was also my first time meeting Carolyn too.

When they arrived, Gaetano and I went outside to greet everyone. When Gaetano saw Carolyn he said hello to her but she didn't answer. So Gaetano made a motion with his hands that I barely caught out of the corner of my eye. Kat asked if he was trying to sign to her.

I hadn't told Gaetano that Carolyn signs, so I had to conclude that he tried simply because she didn't respond. When I wasn't able to speak the last few days, I would spell words using finger spelling. There was also a segment on Sesame Street with a little girl who learned a few signs from her deaf friend. Somehow, Gaetano must have made a connection that if someone doesn't speak try signing. Pretty amazing...

It didn't take long before the kids were running around having fun. It was so cute to see our kids play together.

We went out for sushi then for Cold Stone Creamery, my two favorite foods. So good friends, good food, good times...definitely helped me feel better.

They managed to escape without seeing the "gross white stuff on mom's tonsils" that Gaetano described for them. The night ended way too soon. It is really too bad that we don't live close enough to visit often...

My throat was a little sore from all the talking, but it was worth it. I woke up feeling even better than yesterday. My voice is doing fine now, the back of my throat just feels...grody. Yep, that's a good old-fashioned 80's word for it. Now it only hurts if I sneeze or cough, which has been about 6 or 7 times so far today. Not too bad, really...

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