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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Tonsils Checkup

Yesterday I had my one week checkup for the laser cryptology (a whole 2 days early because of the holiday). The doctor says it looks like there's no infection and that I'm healing well.

I told my doctor, "It doesn't really hurt except for..." and then he started to say nearly the same exact words, "...when you yawn big, cough and sneeze." I also told him that the funky white stuff (that's what we've been calling it here at home) is really annoying more than anything else. To which he replied, "It will be that way for awhile. It should be all better in three to four weeks."

I'm hoping it will be less than that because it sure is an annoying feeling that can get rather distracting making it hard to concentrate sometimes...

All in all I'm doing ok, better than I expected I would be. I'm able to talk as much as I'd like now, but will get sore if I talk too much still. I tried to sing yesterday and it hurt when I went to hit a higher note so no more singing for a few more days at least.

Thanks to all of you who extended your well wishes, prayers, good vibes, etc. to me. They must be helping since I'm feeling much better than I could have hoped; so far so good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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