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Adobe Sells Golive

July 24, 2005

It's true...and they have for years! http://www.adobe.com/products/golive/main.html

Gotcha, didn't I ;-)

Now for the real story. I received a Google Alert that contained the text: Adobe sells Golive, followed by a link. Immediately I thought Adobe was selling GoLive and given their pedning acquisition of Macromedia, this would mean Dreamweaver will survive post acquisition.

When I clicked the link in that email, the page had nothing on it that said Adobe sells GoLive so I went to Google.com and did a search on that term only to find tons of results that say "Adobe sells GoLive". Along with that text there was similar text, "Macromedia sells Dreamweaver". Then it occurred to me, that it can be implied that Adobe currently sells GoLive and not that they're going to sell it to another company.

So if you feel duped, don't feel too bad. It happened to me too. I hope you're not mad at me!