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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Headless Horse

This was just too funny to not share...

Ambrogio bought Gaetano a little toy horse with a head that can turn awhile back from a street vendor. (In other words, it was a real cheap toy.) Gaetano played with it for only a short while before he discovered that the head was removable.

We have been prepping for Christmas today; we're throwing away broken toys and giving away toys in good condition that aren't played with anymore.

I showed the headless horse to Gaetano and asked him if we should throw it away. He agreed. So I showed his dad and told him that's what happens when you get cheap toys.

Without missing a beat Ambrogio asked Gaetano, "Gaetano, where's his head? You didn't put it in somebody's bed did you?"

Gaetano's too young to get his father's joke, but I had to leave the room so I could burst out laughing. To those who don't get why I found it so funny...The movie The Godfather is a hint. (Not that a horse's head in a bed in and of itself is funny, but the opportunity to reference the movie like that is what was so hillarious.)

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