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Monday, October 17, 2005

Dreamweaver Tip: Reordering Open Documents

Today I gave my Dreamweaver Killer Tips session twice at MAX. During the second session someone asked about changing the order of files once they're open. I joked about how Adobe has that technology and since a merger is pending there's hope for that feature in the future, the audience all chuckled and that was pretty much that...or so I thought.

After the session, Jen Taylor (Dreamweaver Product Manager) and Alain Dumesny (Dreamweaver Engineer) came up and informed me that the feature is there; Alain added the ability to drag document tabs to reorder them as a last minute new feature. Way to go Alain! I'm glad it is in there (even if it isn't obvious since there's no gripper indicator or other visual queue... hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

I would not have minded one bit if Jen or Alain chimed in to say the feature was added in there at all. I love learning new tips as much as my audience. If I didn't, I wouldn't be doing what I do...

Most importanly I'm hoping that the 300 people in the room forgive me for my mistake! I am blogging this for you in hopes that I've made it up to you.

I'm truly sorry I missed that feature, but hopefully your feedback to Macromedia will help show them that there needs to be some little enhancments to make the feature more obvious. (Click-n-hold an open document's tab while dragging it where you want. Release your mouse when the filename tab is where you want it.)

Thank you Jen, Alain, and all of the Dreamweaver product team for all the "lesser known" features in Dreamweaver and even a few of the "bugs" which I consider to be "undocumented features" (like docking the Code inspector to the right or left of the document window).

The team has done a great job listening to the community. For that I thank Macromedia for hearing us and I also thank everyone who fills out the wish form to report both features and flaws. Keep up the good work!

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