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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Diagnosis: Pre-Diabetic

Every year or so my doctor orders a set of blood tests. Because I lack a gall bladder and try to maintain a low-fat diet, he's cautioned me that at some point I may become diabetic if I'm not careful. Some of the blood tests he has run are to check for diabetes.

A few days ago, I got the results in the mail with his annotations. There was nothing really definitive in what he said, no certain diagnosis. I tried my best to make sense of all the numbers and figure out what, if anything, might be wrong.

Dan reminded me that I'm not a doctor and that my fears could be unfounded, and as any good boyfriend\partner would do he assured me I'd be alright. Unfortunately, all my suspicions were confirmed today.

With high cholesterol and an impaired glucose tollerance, I'm at high risk for diabetes, pre-diabetic if you will. So my doctor wants me to attend a "Diabetic Teaching Class" at the hospital to learn about diabetes and how to alter my diet in order to lower my cholesterol and hopefully prevent diabetes.

If in 3 months my test results do not improve we'll look towards medicinal treatment for the cholesterol.

The first available class is not until June 21st. So I'll be doing research of my own in the meantime. The classes are 2 hours each, over the course of 4 weeks. (I'd rather do it over a period of 4 days!)

By the time I have all the knowledge behind me from the class, 2 months will have passed, leaving only 1 month of putting all I've learned to use before I'm due to test again. I'm not pleased about this and will have to figure out things sooner on my own.

I'll probably be blogging more about my health than anything else in the coming months. My apologies to those of you who read it for Dreamweaver and web development related posts. I'll try to toss a few things in here for you when I can.

I'm going to look into filtering the new Health category off my home page, so that only those who want to know how that's going can check. So if this post magically disappears from the main page, try the health category. (Hopefully I can get to this soon, but if not... its the thought that counts, right?)

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