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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Comment Catch-up

I've been really bad about responding to blog comments lately, I'm sorry! I'm all caught up now though... Thanks to all of you who posted legitimate comments and well wishes. I truly appreciate it and I'm sorry for not responding sooner!

To those of you who didn't get a response, don't expect one. You were either spamming or trying to get away with looking like you're friendly and sneaking in a link to your site to boost your SEO listings.

FYI, I have to approve all comments and I won't approve a comment if it looks even slightly like it is not sincere. If you include a URL, it may get stripped out unless I know you personally and trust that your link is appropriate. I won't approve any foreign language sites, so don't bother.

Ok, I'm done venting now ;-)

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Frogs and Deer!

We haven't even moved into the new house yet and Gaetano is already making friends. On Monday, Gaetano met five of the six kids that live across the street from our new house and one of them came by to see if Gaetano could play the very next day. In his little hand was a tiny brown frog!

The neighbors told us that they often have deer in their front yard chewing on plants. Wow! Living in Cedar Park is going to be so cool...

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Monday, July 10, 2006

We made it...

We're here in Austin, TX; we made it! We got in really late, about 12am local time. We've been up workin' since 7 (local time)... Busy week ahead of us.

We've yet to go see the new house, but will take pictures and post a few if we can manage. We don't get our keys until Friday so we're staying with family until then.

That's it for now...

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

CA to Tuscon, AZ to ?, TX

Yesterday we left CA at about 4pm and made it all the way to Tuscon, Arizona... Today, I'm not sure yet how far we'll make it but we'll definitely be in El PasoTexas by this afternoon since that's only a five hour drive. From El Paso to Austin is about a ten hour drive, so we may stop for the night somewhere along the way.

So far, so good... All is going well and Gaetano is enjoying the ride while watching his DVDs. I'll report more when I can. In the meantime, if you need to reach us while we're on the road, we have our cell phones with us and can use them to get online if we need to.

Time for breakfast then its, "on the road again" (sing it with me now...)

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