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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

B-day Anticipation

Ten days and counting until my birthday (May 30th). 28 years on this planet already. I've lots of wishes that go way beyond material things for this year. With a lot of luck and patience, hopefully those will come true. I'll make my wishes official when I blow out the candles though. Hopefully I can do it all in one breath! :-)

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I left it in San Francisco

<tune melody="I left my heart in San Francisco">I left my phone charger in San Francisco...</tune> Hotel is sending it UPS next day service. I probably could have bought a new AC adapter for what its gonna cost me. Oh well... :-)

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Not my day

Recently I switched to what appeared to be a great deal. $48.95 for any time, anywhere in the United States. No more separate long distance bill. This includes local long distance too, they really did mean anywhere; I checked on that.

Well I just got the info packet in the mail. Normally I don't bother to read it. Turns out though that "This phone number cannot be used to access the internet". Well, I'm on DSL and that uses this phone number! :-\ Does it mean just no dialup? Grrrr calling customer service in the morning.

First my laptop dies and I have horrible phone support, now this! Today's not my day...

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