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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Dumb gardner

About 3 months ago I planted some seeds in the planter in front of our house. I can't remember the name of the flowers but they were growing nice and tall and they'd soon be blooming in a few more weeks. We've had a really difficult time growing things in this planter and finally flowers were growing.

My husband hired a gardner to pull weeds on the sides of our home and told him not to touch the front planter. By now you can see what's coming... my flowers got pulled out! They didn't even look like weeds, they were planted in a pattern in both corners of the planter and two rows near the center of the planter. How could he think they were weeds??? To make matters worse, I couldn't re-plant them because today was trash day and by the time I discoverred what he'd done it was too late. I'm so bummed...

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Bookstore visit

Last night I went shopping with a friend and while we were out we decided to stop in at Borders book store. Believe it or not, I hadn't been to a bookstore since Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips was released. I wanted to see if Borders had it in stock since I heard they're cutting back on carrying computer books and may not get in much new in way of books released after Christmas. Well, great news... they had one copy left! :-) Usually a book store carries between 2 and 4 copies so finding one means the others have sold ;-) I was also pleasantly surprised to see a single copy left of several other books I'd worked on last year which I'd not seen on a book store shelf before either. Kinda made it all real for me. :-)

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