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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Joe on XML, Molly on CSS

I've been meaning to blog this for a couple of weeks now... Two very popular speakers in the web design/development arena, especially among the Dreamweaver community, Joe Marini and Molly Holzschlag have recently come out with training titles at Joe was one of the original Dreamweaver product engineers and has been an inspiration to many extension developers, myself included. Molly is widely recognized web standards advocate and author.

There are a few free sample movies in each title...Enjoy!

XML Essential Training
with: Joe Marini

CSS for Designers
with: Andy Clarke and Molly E. Holzschlag

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

What is Flex?

Macromedia, err I mean Adobe, has released Flex 2! It just so happens that released Flex 2 Essential Training yesterday and in Chapter 1 there's a free 9 minute movie that answers the question, "What is Flex?". You'll also find a few other free movies in chapter 1, Getting Started.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I've been outed...

If you've been reading JD's coverage of the MIX06 event in Las Vegas, you now know that I have "joined" and have been here at the Venetian for the conference.

It's true; I am now employed by and I've been meaning to blog about it but wasn't quite ready to do so. I had the feeling that by being here at this event it would come out, and sure enough it did... I should have blogged it sooner, but oh well. (No worries JD!)

I won't go into any detail now, but I'm sure I'll be blogging more in the future as I'm able to share. I'll probably blog more about the MIX06 experience later too. Lot's to say, but too much to do!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Having trouble with Dreamweaver templates?

The bottom line when it comes to working with templates, is that where there's a will there's a way. (This applies to most anything in life in my opinion and I've found it to be the truth for the most part.)

Huh? What am I talking about? Patience dear blog reader...

In my observation, it seems that so many people find themselves in situations where templates don't seem to be able to do what they're after. Often I've heard people say that they feel overly constrained by how templates work and that they find templates unusable. Anytime that I witness this type of situation (usually on the newsgroups I visit), I feel compelled to try and help. Unfortunately these questions are often complicated and I just can't spare the time to help out like I'd like.

It is my hope that this blog post helps someone struggling with templates in Dreamweaver...

All I really have to say is that I've struggled too and when it comes to templates I've yet to find something that's completely stumped me that I can't make work for the site's needs. Sometimes, the solution isn't what I'd prefer it to be and is not what I'd call "ideal", but it works.

Please don't take that as an open invitation to try to stump me. Remember, I said I don't have the time to reply and help as tempted as I get to try...

My point is, that setting up templates to work for you and reach your template goals can take some heavy thinking. Chances are there's a suitable solution if you open your mind and are willing to explore different strategies.

To the intermediate to advanced template user: Yes, I know there are some issues and things could be better. I don't dispute that at all. That's not what this post is about; this post is for template skeptics or people new to templates.

Templates take some effort, have patience; they're worth it. Take the time to read the Dreamweaver help documentation. (It may seem like a boring thing to do, but its important.) Visit and buy their book. (I did some tech editing on it way back when. Even though its 2 Dreamweaver versions behind, its still relevant and worth it.) Learn about how templates work, get some practice doing template tutorials, and you'll be much better off when doing your own templates.

Lastly, don't expect to be a total template master over night. Dreamweaver's templates are extremely powerful and once you start using their advanced features it can get very complex.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Dreamweaver 8.0.1 Updater Released Today

Adobe realesed the Dreamweaver 8.0.1 updater today. (It is sure going to take some getting used to not saying "Macromedia"...)

Get the scoop on what's been fixed by checking out the Resolved Issues:

In the first paragraph of the Release Notes you'll find a link to the download. Be sure to read the installation instructions! (Don't forget to disable virus protection like I did...Oops!)

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

<cfinclude /> Rendering Trick for Dreamweaver

Here's a tip for you if you don't want Dreamweaver to render a specific <cfinclude> tag in Design view. Look at the tag in the previous sentence. Now go back and look at the tag in this subject line. Spot the difference?

If you close a cfinclude tag as if it were an empty element like in XHTML, Dreamweaver does not render the contents of the cfinclude.

This won't render in Design view:
<cfinclude template="/includes/header.cfm" />

This will render in Design view:
<cfinclude template="/includes/header.cfm">

Why wouldn't you want Dreamweaver to render a cfinclude you ask? Oh, I can come up with a lot of reasons... I'll give you but a few of them.

If anyone cares to share some potential uses for this trick, please be sure to leave a comment.

To any Adobe employees reading this blog post: Please do not "fix" the translator to account for the space and closing slash. This is not a bug; its an undocumented feature. ;-)

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Will Adobe support ColdFusion?

It seems that many people are wondering whether or not Adobe will continue to support ColdFusion. Let me first say that despite whatever you might think given what you (may think that you) know about me, I have no "insider" information. That said, here's what I think about it...

I've been to numerous government websites that are powered by ColdFusion. If I were Adobe, I wouldn't want to upset the government. Can you say tax audits? ;-)

In all seriousness, I don't think ColdFusion is going to disappear anytime soon -- at least not in the next 2 or 3 years. According to Macromedia's website, ColdFusion 5 is still supported in some capacity until January 1, 2007.

Further, they are still selling their Gold Support Program which is unlimited email or telephone incidents for one year. Adobe would have to honor that agreement, so that says to me that there's at least one more year where ColdFusion will be supported.

So I say, stop your worrying! You can start to worry when you see that Adobe has updated the site and it says they won't support ColdFusion anymore. When they do so, I doubt very much that it would be an overnight end to support. Most likely it would be at least a year from such announcment that support would be discontinued.

Keep in mind that Flex is also tied closely to ColdFusion. Imagine the uproar among Macromedia's (now Adobe's) enterprise level customers if they were to discontinue technologies they invested so much money in.

The aftermath of such a thing would surely damage Adobe's reputation and rattle customer confidence. Adobe has to know this, they aren't blind.

Granted large companies make stoooopid mistakes all the time. In my opinion discountinuing certain technologies such as ColdFusion would be a huge mistake. I just can't see Adobe making a mistake of that magnitude.

If I happen to be wrong and Adobe doesn't keep ColdFusion going, another group/company is sure to pick up where they left off. (If the sky did fall, there's always BlueDragon.)

I for one am sticking to ColdFusion.

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