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Sunday, June 5, 2005

Coming soon in FireFox 1.1

Deer Park Alpha 1.1 is the code name for the recently released alpha of what will become FireFox 1.1. I'm really excited about the future of FireFox. Developers can expect to see improved CSS2, more CSS3, SVG support and much more.

I've recently started building some admin interfaces for internal use on my website and it is so nice to be able to build just for FireFox. I also have a client who has recently given us the okay to build their admin interfaces for FireFox only, cutting out Internet Explorer and Safari completely! I really didn't expect that we'd be so lucky but once we got into the project and it was clear that trying to support Safari was slowing down production the decision became a "no-brainer" for our client. Going forward, all admin interfaces I build will most likely be built for FireFox and if they happen to behave nicely in other browsers that's great but it won't be priority.

Like other web developers, I still long for the day when I can code and it just works in any current browser. Until then, I can at least build admin interfaces without the headaches of testing in multiple browser versions...

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