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Saturday, December 4, 2004

Everyone needs a little patience sometimes...

My son was sitting on the floor in my office, playing with a wooden mosaic puzzle (much like this one but with 3 different shapes) while I was having a conversation with someone.

Gaetano [mildly frustrated]: I need some patience...
Me: Yes you do; you can do it.

[A couple minutes later, I begin conversing again.]

Gaetano [quite annoyed, almost shouting]: I said, I need some patience!
Me: Yes, I know. [pause] Gaetano, what does patience mean?
Gaetano: It means you have to be quiet so I can do my work.

[I try desperately to resist laughing hysterically.]

Apparantly all those times he asked me something while I was working and I told him to "wait just a minute and be patient" he thought I was asking him to be quiet! I can easily see how he'd come to that conclusion... It was just too cute.

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