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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Importance of Sushi

Last week Dan and I were having dinner with Gaetano at a local sushi restaurant that we frequent. Gaetano is only five but he loves sushi and has been enjoying it for two years now.

Dan and I were talking about how we feel sorry for some people who have significant others that don't like sushi as much as they do. Often one person loves sushi and the other one doesn't want to go out for chicken teriyaki more than once a week (if that much). Its so sad...

So we told Gaetano that it is really important that he finds a girlfriend that likes sushi as much as he does so they can go out for sushi together. We were just including him in conversation, not really expecting him to take it to heart.

A couple nights later he comes into our office and tells us, "I hope Taylor Mae likes sushi." Instantly I knew what he meant and asked him if he wanted her to be his girlfriend. He nodded and grinned.

The next morning (which was this past Friday) he talked to us some more about Taylor Mae liking sushi and it was important. Uh boy... He then tells me that he's going to ask her if she likes sushi and if she hasn't tried it she has to.

Dan walked him to class and I stayed in the car. When they got there, Gaetano went up to Taylor Mae and asked if she liked sushi. She told him that she tried it and it was "blech" as she made her most disgusted face while sticking out her tongue.

Gaetano wouldn't take that for an answer. So he told her that she'd only tried salmon eggs (since that's one thing he doesn't like, that must be what she tried) and that she had to try a different piece. She just had to like it.

Well today we saw her dad and told him this little story. As it turned out, she loves sushi just about as much as Gaetano! Did she somehow know why Gaetano was asking and decided to fib about it? Who knows...

Now we just have to wait and see if Gaetano finds out she really does like sushi and what he'll do then. Perhaps he'll offer her his jacket. He just might do that since last night Dan told him that you're supposed to let your girlfriend wear your jacket because I was wearing Dan's. I bet that sunk in too!

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Shock (and) Therapy

Like most kids his age, Gaetano just loves to touch things when we're out shopping. A few nights ago I felt like a recording stuck on a loop playing the words, "Gaetano, please don't touch. Don't touch please. Gaetano, didn't I say don't touch?".

As we walked through the store I noticed that I had encountered some static electricity and decided to use it to my advantage. The next time he touched something, I reached over and touched his arm.

His eyes widened and he just looked at me like, "how did you do that?! " Then in my best matter-of-fact/trying-not-to-laugh tone I told him, "Did you feel that? Didn't I tell you 'don't touch'? I shocked you. Mama has super powers." He wasn't sure if I was teasing or serious, so I guess he decided to play it safe and not touch anything the rest of the shopping excursion.

I thought for sure he would know I was teasing... Hope he doesn't have this to get over in therapy some day!

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Gaetano's reaction to the MAX ads

I can't believe I forgot to blog this, so rather than update the original post...

I showed Gaetano the MXDJ and told him to look at all the pages. He flipped through them and commented about various things that he saw. When he came to the "MAX is Angela Buraglia" ad, he said to me. "That looks like you mama... That is you!" It was too cute :-)

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