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Monday, August 22, 2005

More MAX Sneak Peeks

This just in... Macromedia has put up more MAX session sneak peeks. Yes, there's even one from yours truly. Ok, so I'm not "yours" but you know what I mean.

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Blog Comments

It seems that more and more I'm getting what seem might be legitimate comments posted in response to my blogging. When I look at the URL provided it turns out to be something... something... something I would rather not link to. Yeah, that's a nice way of putting it.

It amazes me that people take the time to reply to blogs for the purpose of search engine recognition alone. Sorry whatever-the-official-slang-term-is-for-those-of-you-who-do-that is, but...

Wait, no, I'm not sorry. It's my blog and I'm not going to let comments link to places where I'd rather they not link to. Find another way to boost your search engine listing because I'm not going to help you. I may or may not post your comments, but definitely not your links.

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