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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Gaetano's George Foreman Grill

Every Friday I pick Gaetano up from school and we usually go shopping for necessities. When he's a good boy, I usually get him a small toy. This time it was the Play-Doh George Foreman Grill. We played with it this morning for a whole hour and had so much fun. It even makes sizzling noises!

We would make chicken, fish, steak, or hamburger, then flip the plates over so that they're ready to make grill marks. It's really a cool little toy. You can even use it to make french fries, bacon, and hot dogs. It was so much fun that I may have enjoyed it more than him!

The most exciting part for me though, was when Gaetano started counting the grill marks. It was the very first time he has counted to 10 all by himself with no prompting or help. Of course I promptly smothered him with tons of kisses and encouragment. :-)

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