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Monday, April 18, 2005

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004

Shortly after Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 was released, I made this recording of Gaetano. I could have sworn that I blogged it at the time, but I can't find a post referencing it. It must have been one of those times I started blogging and got distracted or something...

Gaetano now recognizes both the Macromedia logo and the Dreamweaver logo too, as well as the words Macromedia and Dreamweaver. He's always proud to point out that he knows them both.

If you listen to the recording, he doesn't say Macromedia but he does say Dreamweaver. Back then he could only say mack-ee-me-tee-uh, but gradually it became Macromedia. He now says Dreamweaver properly as well.

Guess I'd better start teaching him to say Adobe and showing him their logo as well! Should be a lot easier to say, what with so few syllables. <grin />

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Don't Ask Again

Gaetano is at that age where he'll ask a question, I'll give him an answer and then a moment later he asks the same thing again. It is as though he thinks he'll get a different answer the second time.

I've learned to answer him once and when he asks again I have him tell me what I answered. If he asks again, I'll tell him, "Don't ask again or [insert consequence here]". Sometimes he does this when I'm reading him a story just so he can stay up longer and in that case the consequence is usually "no more story".

Tonight he was reading me a story. (He tries to read but it is more like making up a story based on the pictures.) He'd been "reading" for quite some time.

Me [teasingly]: Are you done yet?

Gaetano [sternly]: Don't ask again or no more story.

Me [opportunistically]: Are you done yet?

Gaetano: [He pauses a moment before closing the book, keeping his finger in place just in case.] That's it; no more story.

Me [convincingly pouting]: No more story for mama. [fake sad face]

I turned my laughter into a little bit of fake crying.

Gaetano: That's ok, next month.

Me: Next month you'll read me a story? [He nods] Ok. [I grin]

We said our goodnights, hugged and kissed, and then I turned off the lights and walked out with a huge grin that turned into laughter once I was back in the office where he couldn't hear.

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